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Ian Gosling, Ph.D

Founder and principal of ChemSim, LLC, Dr. Gosling received his Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from Swansea University, Wales, UK.  Dr. Gosling founded ChemSim in 2002 to provide simulation expertise to the biopharma and biotechnology industries.


Dr. Gosling was previously employed as a bioprocess simulation developer at Aspen Technology before becoming Director of Software at BioSepra. He was also a Senior Bioprocess Engineer at AEA Technology, Harwell, England and has guest lectured at Tufts University Department of Chemical Engineering, Boston, MA. 

ChemSim also utilizes independent consultants on a project basis  to work with its core team of experts. This provides flexibility in offering the most comprehensive suite of services covering a broad range of expertise. 

Ian Gosling


  • "Operating a multiproduct facility: the critical role of process simulation"  BioTalk, Boston, May 2019 

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